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We survey the condition of properties for tenants, solicitors, local authorities and private landlords.

SSG offers environmental health house inspections to ensure legal compliance and to maintain a healthy environment for residents. Our environmental health inspection can be booked standalone or booked together with the other services.


Poor-quality housing harms health and evidence shows that exposure to poor housing conditions (including damp, cold, mould, noise) is strongly associated with poor health, both physical and mental.

Our environmental assessments highlight areas where property repairs or remediation is required. We provide recommendations and practical advice around mitigating hazards.

We  assess for 29 potential hazards which include: damp, mould, excess cold, domestic hygiene, pests and refuse. Our environmental health house inspections are undertaken using the HHSRS (Housing Health & Safety Rating System) framework.


We conduct HHSRS inspections to the same standard as the local council environmental health officer. We cater for both tenants and landlords.

✅ The assessment could determine whether the property is unfit for human habitation.

✅ The assessment could be used by tenants to give notice to the landlord of the deficiencies and pinpoint hazards that need to be removed or mitigated.

✅ HHSRS assessment provides evidence to support your complaint if you are in social housing and using the Housing Ombudsman Service.

✅ Reduce housing disrepair claims for landlords.

Energy Saving Audit

We analyse your current heating system and its efficiency. Our surveyors utilise thermal photography to examine the efficiency of the radiators. We check windows for droughts and assess the insulation of the property. The assessment provides information on how to improve thermal efficiency of the dwelling.

Thermographic picture of a house.jpg

Advice / Information

We can provide general information pertaining to your housing situation and the best route to remedy the problem. This may include information related to the housing disrepair protocol, housing ombudsman or the local environmental health department's powers. This service costs £30.

If you suspect penetrating damp is the cause of your damp/mould problem and this is due to the roof covering or  guttering. We can perform a drone roof inspection which provides high quality imagery. This will highlight areas where remedial work needs to be done. 


Please note we are not publicly funded. Therefore, we will not be able to provide free advice/information. We are happy to provide more information around our services and the related costs.

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