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We survey the condition of properties for tenants, solicitors, local authorities and private landlords.

Beautiful House

Professional reporting of condition

Environmental health practitioners at Scientific Services Group perform vacant property inspections to help private landlords to ensure that any disrepair issues such as water leaks or mould/damp are cataloged properly so remedial works can be performed. Our services can help the property from falling into disrepair.


Regular vacant property inspections are a must and often an insurance policy requirement. Without these inspections being done, the insurance policy could become void. Unless you have very specific documentation from the insurance company stating that you do not have to inspect the property, the general advice is to have the property inspected at least once every two weeks.  It is also important that you keep a written log of all inspections.

The report produced after the inspection is concise and easy to follow with recommendations. For large properties we can also incorporate drone imagery of the building and surrounding boundaries.

How much does the vacant property inspection cost?

The price for the vacant property inspection using costs from £150 depending on the location and the size of the property.

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