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Drone Roof Survey

We use high end drone technology to perform roof and building inspections

Drone in the air inspecting the roof over the house. Close-up of drone and roof..jpg

What is a drone roof survey?

A drone roof survey is a high tech inspection of the roof performed by a highly skilled operator who uses drones equipped with high-quality cameras and sensors to inspect and survey roofs. Drone roof surveys mitigate risk and enable difficult areas to be accessed that would pose safety concerns using traditional methods.

How much does a drone roof inspection cost?

The drone roof inspection start from only £150. Our surveyors can provide high quality footage of your roof and produce a report highlighting the deficiencies we have identified. The footage provided by us would enable you to obtain multiple quotes from different roofing providers.

A drone roof inspection is particularly useful in the following scenarios:

  • Pre-purchase roof survey.

  • Determine the actual state of your roof and any maintenance requirements.

  • Prove to your landlord the roof needs work with clear, high-resolution footage.

  • Take images of areas that are difficult to access using traditional means.


The reports generated by us are in a PDF format, images are clearly shown of the problematic areas of the roof. 


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